Private Crypto Stealer

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About Private Crypto Stealer

Private Crypto Stealer is a hacker tool through which you can steal BTC, ETH, and XMR coins from your victim pc silently. 

When your victim wants to send BTC to another person then It replaces your victim's client's BTC address with your BTC address and your victim sends BTC amount to your wallet mistakenly.

BTC Stealing Proof

btc stealing proof

You can put your wallet BTC, ETH, and XMR address in Private Crypto Stealer Tool and then click on build. It creates a virus. You can send it to your victim's pc and when the victim runs that virus then the process starts silently in the background on their pc. It is the favorite tool of hackers.

You can also use our Private Binder tool to bind your Crypto Virus with any original software to decrease the doubt of suspicious activity to your victim.


  • You can steal multiple cryptos coins
  • You can steal BTC, XMR, ETH
  • Startup
  • Registry
  • Shortcut
  • Framework
  • Loader
  • Silent work
  • Persistence

Private Crypto Stealer Tool Video Tutorial

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