Dangerous Ransomware Builder Tool

Price - 10$ Only

About Dangerous Ransomware Builder Tool

Dangerous Ransomware Builder is a hacker tool through which you can make your own Ransom Encryptor Or Ransom Decryptor.

You can send Ransom Encryptor to your victim and when he opens the ransom file then all pc infected with ransomware and all files decrypted and their desktop wallpaper change with your custom wallpaper.

Dangerous Ransomware Builder

Dangerous Ransomware Builder Tool

It is very simple to build your own Ransom Encryptor with our tool. I also provide you video tutorial below through which you learn how to make your own Ransom Encryptor with our tool.

I also provided some Ransomware wallpapers inside the folder. You can also use them during the build and you can also make your custom wallpaper with your BTC address and Gmail to demand money from your victims.

You can also use our Private Binder tool to bind your Ransom File with any original software to decrease the doubt of suspicious activity to your victim.


  • Kill all browsers
  • Kill skype
  • Encrypt files + folder
  • Select your own wallpaper
  • UpX
  • Icon
  • Startup
  • Obfuscator
  • Anti-kill
  • UAC exploit
  • Startup persistence
  • Virus ransom
  • Virus fixer pc

Dangerous Ransomware Builder Tool Video Tutorial

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