spymax 4.0

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About Spymax 4.0 Android RAT

Spymax 4.0 is the latest version of android rat which supports android version 4 up to android version 12. There are so many new and powerful features added in this android rat that you have not seen before in any other android rat.

You can hack anyone android mobile remotely with Spymax 4.0 remote administration tool. It is a fully licensed activated version.

Spymax 4.0 Screenshots

spymax 4

It is very easy to use a tool like other Android RATs. I provide you practical video tutorial below about how to use Spymax 4.0 RAT. 

spymax 4 download

You can bind payload with another app by using Spymax 4 RAT. You can merge payload with another app. 

You can view the screen of your victim mobile remotely and do many more things. It is the latest version of android rat 2021 in the hacker's market.


  • Fully license activated
  • File manager
  • Call manager
  • Sms manager
  • Screen capture
  • Contacts manager
  • Location manager
  • GPS
  • GSM
  • Account manager
  • Camera manager
  • Front camera
  • Back camera
  • Shell terminal
  • Phone Information
  • Applications
  • Fun
  • Chat
  • Microphone
  • Call phone
  • Clipboard
  • Keylogger
  • Server
  • Ports
  • Persistence
  • Anti-sleep
  • Icon
  • Merge
  • Doze
  • Hide payload
  • Bind payload
  • Payload Melt
  • Victim flag
  • Settings
  • Network
  • Screenshot
  • Many more etc....

Spymax 4.0 Practical Video Tutorial

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