private virus spoofer

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About Private Virus Spoofer

Private Spoofer is a popular tool used by hackers to spoofs extensions of their virus files.

It changes your virus extension with any other extension. For Example, It changes virus.exe into .jp, .pdf, .word file. Your victim thinks It's a PDF file but it is a virus file.

You can hack your victims anonymously by using our private virus spoofer. You can also use our private virus spoofer together with the Private Virus Spreading Tool to hack your victim silently and anonymously.

Private Virus Spoofer Proofs


  • Spoof any extension
  • Virus spreader
  • You can change any virus into any extension
  • Etc.

Private Virus Spoofer - Change Extension Of Your Virus Into Jpg, Mp4, PSD, PDF Etc. Practical Video Tutorial


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